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Basic process for production of herbs. Cuiavian Herbs Company has several thousand m² of specialised floor dryers and belt dryers.


Modern cold store meets all sanitary requirements and certificates needed for the food industry.


Freezing tunnels and shock chambers with big output capacity assure high quality and safety of freezing process.

We cut

Cutting the herbs is a basic action with practically all the herbs and this is one of the first processes during the whole processing. We are in favour of getting the whole products, which are subsequently cut under our supervision onto: leaves, flowers, roots, bark and herbs.

We grind

We have specialized mills and grinding devices. Similarly as in case of cutting, we prefer to hand over the whole raw materials for grinding to have full control over the quality of milled products

We sort

We separate the leaves, flowers, stalks, roots in a way to assure the highest quality. By means of air negative pressure, we separate undesired stalks or stones. Thanks to metal detectors, we are able to assure safety of your product.

We sterilize

Sterilisation is a process, in which we remove micro-bacterial contaminations by means of steam. Quick process assures high quality. The main advantage of its application is great effectiveness, safety and rapidity.

We disinfect

Pest control is a problem we also cope with, and we do it without any harm to the environment. Fumigation process consists in using natural CO2, which fights against the pests in simple, reliable and safe way.

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